PUMA is one of the world’s leading sports brands. For over 65 years, PUMA has been producing the most innovative products for the fastest athletes in the world.

Moving to a new online newsroom platform

TheNewsMarket worked with PUMA to upgrade their Press Centre to the YourNewsMarket online newsroom platform. This upgrade provided an opportunity for PUMA to refresh their design, reevaluate their site navigation, implement the latest technologies in content distribution management system, and serve their journalists and influencers better.

The new platform provides an accessible, easy to use, journalist-friendly online newsroom through which the brand could share news and multimedia content with a wider audience and through social media.

PUMA Press Centre

State-of-the-art media technology and user-experience

The PUMA Press Centre was designed to provide the best possible online and social media user experience – a combination of speed, high definition, aesthetics, technological enhancements, easy navigation and shareability. To increase media engagement, each story is arranged into a convenient ‘digital press kit’ with all the associated multimedia assets available on the same page. This tool enables influencers to quickly pick and choose their desired content, assemble the story, save it and carry on browsing. Moreover, the site has responsive web design meaning it automatically adjusts and optimises to the width of the user’s browser, whether it be on a mobile, tablet or desktop – all assets can be viewed, shared and downloaded on any device and social media channels for further reach.

“PUMA Portables”

PUMA had a technical requirement that each site under their brand needs to include a custom “PUMA Portables” header (which leads users to various pages on the about.puma.com domain). TheNewsMarket 24/7 tech team quickly worked out a solution to ensure that the PUMA Portables requirement was met (both on desktop and mobile/tablet) without interfering with the Press Centre’s design and unique functionalities – delivering a seamless experience to users of the Press Centre.

PUMA Press Centre Portables


To showcase collaborations between PUMA and high-profile designers, TheNewsMarket created a distinctive imagery-forward section which is updated each season with new filters and launches. The LookBook is an integral part of the PUMA’s Brand and Product strategy, featuring entire collections with high-resolution imagery, videos, key model images and product shots.

PUMA LookBook

The Press Centre will not only help PUMA to enhance engagement with the media but will also provide visitors and fans of the brand with the latest brand information and product inspiration.

Finally, the client portal and data analytics that the Press Centre provides will help PUMA to better understand the effectiveness of their content and gain further insights into their various target audiences – driving the brand’s future content strategy.

For a demo of YourNewsMarket online newsroom technology, please contact us at info@thenewsmarket.com.