Do you have an online newsroom?

If you don’t, how do you ensure that journalists and influencers looking for relevant content can feature your brand?

If you do, how do you optimise this to ensure whoever searches can easily find what they’re looking for?

Online newsrooms are a fantastic way to aggregate your best assets without lots of legwork from your team. Your newsroom should act as a one-stop shop for anyone looking to find out more about your brand and especially wanting to write or share content about it.  At TheNewsMarket, we’re often asked about creating concepts, building and managing brand newsrooms and their content distribution so we thought we’d share out top tips on how to make the most out of your online newsroom.

#1 So… where is it?

If you’ve got a newsroom, or are on your way to creating one – top job! You’re leaps ahead with embracing digital PR.

When you’re ready to launch a newsroom, make sure your agency and your team audit your existing channels and identify what needs to stay and what needs to go. We often see too many corporate websites distributing their content to journalists through fragmented channels.  Is it useful to keep pages with similar names and possibly similar content under your Press page (Press Kits, Press Releases, Multimedia Library etc)? Find the  way to streamline all of these in one handy tool that’s easily accessible from your main navigation: saving journalist some clicks can only be to your benefit… after all you’ve invested your very-treasured budget into building an online newsroom so why not make sure you’re showing it off!

#2 Keep your content fresh!

So you’ve collated all your content and launched your new super shiny newsroom, the next step is making sure you keep your content relevant and regularly updated – nobody wants to return to a page to find the same old stuff that was there a week or a month ago.

Creating new content might feel daunting but it’s just a case of taking some time out, schedule a brain storm with your team, or colleagues in different departments – unearth that great  content and think of ideas of how you want to present it in your newsroom! When journalists and influencers start to see you as a source of valuable content, they will keep going back time and time again!

Here’s an example of a brand that works hard keeping their content relevant and up to date on a regular basis… adidas:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.21.37

#3 Bye bye  to the humble press release

Using just a press release doesn’t cut it anymore, you need more to be heard in the noisy media landscape… especially as social is so often used for breaking news stories. While you can still include it in your newsroom, to really get your story seen and heard make sure you’re using some eye catching visuals; images, infographics, videos.  B-roll is perfect for broadcasters, edited video is great for online channels and blogs, images can be used both for online and social media and the list goes on… With dwindling production budgets, there are plenty of media outlets out there that are looking for quality content to tell their – and hopefully your – stories. 

Here’s an example of a brand who are showcasing lots of multimedia content… Volvo Ocean Race:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.23.07

#4 Leave some digital breadcrumbs…

Now your online newsroom is live with loads of great, relevant content I’m sure you’ll be itching to see the results? Then don’t forget about SEO! You newsroom should already be doing some of the work for you (taking those searching for your content to your platform), but it doesn’t hurt to share your site/ content when you can – using relevant backlinks is good for SEO. Also, another top tip is to check if you have acquired all the domains that people might type to end up on your site and consider the keywords you need to add to get your pages high on search results.

#5 #SpreadTheWord

So whilst you definitely want your newsroom to be easy to find and well ranked in search – don’t forget that you also want to be remembered by journalists. You already have a fantastic network of brand ambassadors at your finger tips… who? Your team and colleagues! Make sure everyone in your company knows about the platform, how it works and the results it can produce and then… ask them to use it, share it and talk about it. What about including it in your company boilerplates and email signatures – make it a habit and part of your  daily discussions when you’re talking about content. Could you  also schedule regular trainings or come up  with incentives to include the newsroom promotion as part of team, department or company goals?

So – you’ve read our top tips and we hope you found them useful? We’d love to know – you might want to ask a question or think we’ve missed something … either way, we’d love to hear from you so get in touch!