B-roll from Round-the-world Flight



B-roll from ABB’s involvement in the SI mission
SOURCE: ABB except where noted 00:10 Final landing in Abu Dhabi 00:52 GVs from unveiling of SI2 aircraft in Payerne, Switzerland 01:19 GVs ABB logos on plane on runway (SOURCE: SOLAR IMPULSE) 01:29 GVs ABB engineer working on equipment in hangar 01:45 ABB engineer congratulating Bertrand Piccard on runway 01:57 GVs groundcrew including ABB engineer building mobile hangar by night 02:26 GVs of Mission Control Centre in Monaco 02:46 GVs Bertrand Piccard with ABB robot in Silicon Valley 03:08 GVs ABB Silicon Valley site 03:20 GVs ABB smart sensor in factory, Arkansas 03:33 GVs ABB solar pumps in rural Karnataka state, India 04:11 Arial shots of solar farms, Kauai‘I, Hawaii 04:33 UPSOT from Brad Rockwell, Power Supply Manager, Kaua‘I Island Utility Cooperative 04:53 SOUNDBITE from Bertrand Piccard, Chairman and Pilot, Solar Impulse
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