• 17-MAR-2014

  • SOURCE: Colgate-Palmolive

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning Your Health, Not Just Your Home

Maybe you've only thought about 'spring cleaning' in terms of tidying up your home, but what about applying that same basic principle to other important aspects of your life? It's time to spring clean your health! It's the small things that can really add up to big change and Amazing Race winner Dr. Natalie Strand and Dr. Aliza have some tips to give you a head start to good health.

Some things you can do to spring clean your health include:

•Get Seasonal – how to incorporate spring produce and improve your diet
•Make Exercise Fun - how to make working out, not feel like work
•Get a Spring Tune-Up - the importance of preventative care
•Spruce up Your Mouth Health – how to make simple changes, with a powerful impact
•Relax, Don't Just Rest – tips for stress reducing techniques like progressive muscle relaxation and meditation