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ANCHOR LEAD: Energy consumption is the third-most important factor for consumers when it comes time to buy new electronics. Brian Osuch has the details on some ways you can shop "greener" as Earth Day approaches. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. The Key to finding environmentally friendly products is… energy efficiency. The Consumer Electronics Association's Samantha Nevels says keep an eye out for the ENERGY STAR label on some common household items. CUT: (Nevels) Televisions and set top boxes are becoming more and more efficient – such as the Samsung 7150 television. It's ENERGY STAR certified and according to the energy guide it only costs ten-dollars a year to charge it. SCRIPT: Nevels also says there are "greener" ways to power our devices on the go… CUT: (Nevels) Kinetic energy… the nPower Peg will create energy just from your movement. So, you just throw it into your backpack or your purse, and it's just going to create energy for you to plug your device into. SCRIPT: And how about when it's time to recycle our gadgets… CUT: (Nevels) CEA has created the website GreenerGadgets.org. On that website, we have an electronics recycling locator tool, and it will show you all the closest recycling locations to you. SCRIPT: For more ways to live green, buy green and recycle responsibly, go to GreenerGadgets.org. That's Newsbreak from the CEA.
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