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2014: The Year of the Entrepreneur



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ANCHOR LEAD: A new survey finds there's quite a bit of optimism among small business owners across the country. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Small businesses are on the forefront of creating jobs and stimulating local economies… so says a new survey called, the Global Entrepreneur Indicator or (GEI). The Entrepreneurs' Organization's Rosemary Tan. CUT: (Tan) We've just surveyed 10,000 members around the world, and 57% of our members actually created fulltime employment in the past six months. We have done 565 billion U.S. dollars in the last year, and we've created 2.2 million jobs worldwide. SCRIPT: The Entrepreneurs' Organization is made up of 10,000 members in 42 countries, and the group's Blair Assaly, says there's one central theme… job creation. CUT: (Assaly) 71% of our members who took our survey, said that they're going to be hiring fulltime positions in the next six months. SCRIPT: And what's his advice for current job seekers… CUT: (Assaly) Broaden your horizons, look at the entrepreneurial companies in your communities that are being impactful. Entrepreneurs are really making a difference in communities locally. SCRIPT: For more, visit EONetwork.org. That's Newsbreak from the Entrepreneurs' Organization.
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