• 25-OCT-2012

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

"Fashion Week" for Cars

We all know about fashion week, and how the best designers in the business showcase their latest collections. But what about the newest trends and styles for cars? SEMA is the world's largest industry-only show for car customization. It's where every automotive professional should be and where every auto enthusiast wishes he or she could be.

This year, more than 70 products are expected to be unveiled, and you'd be surprised as to what you can do to your vehicle when it comes to the latest technology, accessories, add-ons and paint jobs. Some of it is ridiculous, some of it is absurd, but some of it is pretty darn cool. One of the biggest trends this year will focus on styling for small cars, where there's an increasing demand for high-end features like chrome, leather and custom wheels.

Auto manufacturers come to SEMA not only to see the latest and greatest, but also to gauge interest in concepts for their own car lines. Last year, Chevrolet tested the Sonic Dusk, and this year, it's back at SEMA as a production execution.

Video includes:
• Soundbites from Jeff Gilbert, Automotive Reporter, CBS Radio
• Soundbites from Jim Federico, Chevrolet
• Footage from last year's SEMA show
• Shots of the Sonic Dusk