• 20-OCT-2014

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

2014 Chevrolet CNG Bi-Fuel Impala: One Man's Waste Is Another Man's Fuel

For years automakers have sought clean, renewable and domestically produced fuels, that don't sacrifice performance or convenience. And now, thanks to a process called anaerobic digestion, companies like quasar in Ohio can create natural gas from a variety of common waste products and begin to answer that need.

Organic byproducts from beer giant Anheuser Busch; food waste from Cleveland's Progressive Field, and biosolids from the City of Columbus's wastewater, are all converted into CNG by quasar.

Currently, there are about 12-hundred CNG locations across the country. Not enough to sell exclusively CNG vehicles, outside of fleet vehicles. However, automakers like Chevrolet are now selling bi-fuel vehicles, like the new 2015 CNG Bi-Fuel Impala which will be available this Fall. To find out if there's a CNG station near you go to cngnow.com