• 23-JUN-2015

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

2015 Chevrolet: Big Announcement Using Emojis!

Chevrolet Cruze: Emoji Press Release

Can you crack the code?

Put your Emoji lingo skills to the test! Chevrolet is celebrating a brand new reveal, but the catch? All in Emojis!

Do you speak Emoji?  You may have noticed that your text messages and e-mails are not so black and white. These cute and crazy characters are not only the latest trend among millennial communication, but are being used by companies to announce major announcements. Chevy says Emojis are a global language and the new Cruze is a global car, sold in over 100 countries.

This cute and quirky language has stumped many adults and Chevrolet has posted it on their website and is asking people to see if they can decode it.

If you want to see the Cruze Emoji announcement for yourself - and see if you can read Emoji!!  Go to chevygoesemoji.com.