• 17-NOV-2014

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

2015 Chevrolet Colorado: Pickups Still As American As Apple Pie

But New Midsize Pickup Offers Customers Style, Versatility And Efficiency

Americans love their pickups - millions are sold every year – and they are a driving force in the auto industry. But many customers are now looking for the style and versatility of a truck with the refinement, maneuverability and efficiency of a crossover. Enter the all-new Chevrolet Colorado, unveiled earlier this year and now making a splash at the LA Auto Show.

This new vehicle in the segment offers customers not only better fuel efficiency, but also the opportunity to customize and personalize and their mid-size pickups to fit their lifestyles.

With Chevrolet's GearOn system, customers can accessorize their truck to perfectly fit their lifestyle. Whether it's a bike rack, a mounted kayak carrier, a bed divider or a ladder rack, those who come into a dealership knowing what they want at the time of purchase, means that they can wrap the cost into the payments, and pay for them over time. For more on the GearOn system and the Colorado, go to Chevrolet.com.