• 20-MAR-2015

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

2015 GM Potholes: How To Avoid Pothole Damage This Spring

From Flat Tires to Broken Axles, Expert Tips for Prevention and Maintenance

Pothole season has begun! After a long winter filled with extreme weather conditions, highways across the country have turned into costly obstacle courses. According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, potholes and poor roads cost drivers $6.4 billion dollars in repairs, last year. And while no one plans to hit one, they are inevitable and in many cases unavoidable.

Whether it's a flat tire, lost hubcap, warped wheel alignment or a bent axle, a pothole can cause significant damage to your car. So how can you avoid potential bumps in road?

According to GM Certified Service, some of the most important things drivers can do during pothole season include:
● Maintain the recommended tire inflation
● Use winter tires
● Slow down and watch for street hazards
● Have your vehicle's alignment checked after hitting more severe potholes