• 13-FEB-2015

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

2016 Chevrolet Equinox: At The 2015 Chicago Auto Show

Is This The End for CD Players?

For years mid-size cars like the Camry, Accord and Malibu have been the biggest selling segment of the automobile business. But that's all changed as the relatively new Compact SUV segment has shot passed mid-sized cars to become the new "family" car. The once criticized SUV of the 90's has adapted to the changing tastes of the American consumer and not only survived but thrived.

At this year's 2015 Chicago Auto Show, automakers like Honda, Kia and Chevrolet used the country's largest automotive showcase to launch their latest models and cement the compact SUV as the country's new preferred family car. With updated family-friendly features like 4G LTE connectivity creating a Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle and21 storage compartments, compact SUVs like the 2016 Chevrolet Equinox are outperforming, and now outselling, their mid-size rivals.

Other improvements making compact SUVs incredibly popular include roominess, versatility and high seating. The availability of all-wheel drive and active safety features like side-blind zone alert are also helping to make this new generation of cars a family favorite.No CD Player! That's right the 2016 Equinox will be one of the first vehicles in years to not come with a compact disc player. Betsy Flegg of Chevrolet says, "Today's customers are using their Smartphones to stream music, so we did remove the CD player for 2016 and replaced it with a little shelf that you can put your smartphone on."