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Bats in the Boardroom?!?



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ANCHOR LEAD: Many office buildings around the country are going green. But, some are going one step further and welcoming some of Mother Nature’s finest to the boardroom. Well… maybe not exactly to the boardroom, but close enough. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I’m Brian Osuch. Many companies are turning their corporate lands into wildlife habitats. And President of the Wildlife Habitat Council, Margaret O’Gorman says these efforts can save lives. CUT: (O’Gorman) Right now wildlife habitats are being destroyed, species become rare and they can go extinct. So, we’ve been working with some of the leading corporations in America to implement and restore wildlife habit projects across North America and beyond. SCRIPT: One example is General Motor’s Bowling Green, Kentucky plant. Here GM practices their Landfill-Free initiative and finds ways to reuse unrecyclable material. GM’s, James Bell. CUT: (Bell) Casings from the Chevrolet Volt – very high density plastic which cannot be used or processed in a classic recycling manner. So, what we’re doing is using it in ways the animals are going to love. SCRIPT: Enter… the bat box. CUT: (Bell) It’s hung on the side of a tree, it’s painted black so it collects heat from the sun. The bats love it, and of course they’re eating the insects that might be overrunning the area. So, it’s a great partner to have on the facility with us. SCRIPT: For more log onto Wildlife-HC-dot-org. That’s Newsbreak from GM.
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