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Better Driving Habits for 2013



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ANCHOR LEAD: Everyday, close to one hundred people die on our nation’s roadways. And a new survey of 4000 drivers is out, and its findings drive home the importance of staying alert behind the wheel. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero to Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. AAA is out with its Traffic Safety Culture Index, and GM’s James Bell says they’re finding five big problems on American roadways. CUT: (Bell) Texting and driving, too much speed, drinking and driving, not wearing your seatbelt and being drowsy or nodding off while driving. SCRIPT: He says it’s important to remember you’re not the only one behind the wheel. CUT: (Bell) Defensive driving is so important. We can’t count on our fellow drivers to be paying attention the way we hope we are. So it really is worth while to give that extra little space cushion, that little speed cushion… keep you and your family safe. SCRIPT: And when it comes to safety, Bell says GM is introducing two new technologies. CUT: (Bell) Lane Departure Warning Systems… monitoring the painted lines on the road, if you start to drift out for any reason, without putting the turn signal on, it will alert you just to say ‘hey is this what you want to do.’ SCRIPT: The other is Forward Collision Alert. CUT: (Bell) It’s watching the road ahead of you, if traffic starts to slow and you’re not taking your foot off the throttle or applying some break, it will also alert you. SCRIPT: For more, log onto GM-dot-com. That’s Zero to Sixty from GM.
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