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Driving in a Winter Wonderland



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ANCHOR LEAD: Heading home for the holidays is sometimes easier said than done. That is if you include traffic, aggressive drivers and slippery highways. But, Brian Osuch finds out there is a safe way to steer clear of the risky roadways ahead. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero to Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. (SFX: jingle bells ringing) During the holidays, bells will be ringing… and roadways, well… they’ll be backed up. And GM’s James Bell says it’s best to plan ahead. CUT: (Bell) It’s the time of the year for driving in unfamiliar areas while visiting family and friends. Vehicle navigation systems like OnStar can help you plan the safest route before hitting the road. I also suggest giving yourself plenty of time get to your destination so drivers don’t feel rushed. SCRIPT: Bell says the increased traffic can be pretty stressful, but try to remain calm behind the wheel. CUT: (Bell) Be alert, you never know when other drivers are going to make sudden moves. If the road is slick, that extra space between vehicles can really help keep your family safe. Make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt, and drivers need to keep both hands on the wheel. And that means putting the phone away! SCRIPT: Bell also says safe driving etiquette requires proper car maintenance. CUT: (Bell) Make sure you’re checking your tire pressure, fluids and antifreeze levels before any significant trip. SCRIPT: For more log onto GM-dot-com. That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM. I’m Brian Osuch.
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