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ANCHOR LEAD: Move over MTV, because Brian Osuch has tips from a consumer car specialist and a tailgating expert that will show you how to transform your vehicle into the ultimate tailgate party ride. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I’m Brian Osuch. Tailgating has become a tradition. And if you have a truck or SUV, then you’re probably a popular pre-game destination for family and friends, so why not “pimp out” your “ride”? James Bell is GM’s Head of Consumer Affairs. James, how can we transform our vehicle into the ultimate tailgate destination? CUT: (Bell) It’s all about showing up big. Making a big impression out there. And having attached to your vehicle a portable satellite dish receiver. But where are you going to plug it into? Could there be any better place than a 50-inch TV. And in your vehicle you want something like the 2013 GMC Arcadia that’s got lay flat seats. So you can get the TV in there, you plug the satellite dish in, away you go! SCRIPT: Gameday Steve is a Tailgating Expert. Steve, any new games out there for tailgating enthusiasts? CUT: (Gameday Steve) A new game out on the market right now it’s called BasketPong, it’s from Xtreme Pong Sports. It adds basketball to some of the more traditional pong games you would see out on the lot. There’s another game, the Bag Toss 2 Boards. This adds a little extra to the traditional cornhole boards where there’s a five point slot. SCRIPT: For more, visit Inside-tailgating-dot-com. That’s Lifestyles from GM.
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