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ANCHOR LEAD: Are you feeling the heat of what to get dad for Father’s Day? Brian Osuch says it’s the simple things that the “coolest” guy in the world really wants. (:57) SCRIPT: Zero to Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. There was a time his car used to be a chick-magnet, but now-a-day’s your dad’s car is a magnet for so much more… tennis rackets, baseball bats and even the occasional leftover French fry. That’s why General Motors’ James Bell says this Father’s Day there’s a gift most dads won’t refuse. CUT: (Bell) Today’s father is a busy guy. And I think any time that some of my To Do list things could be taken care of for me, I’d be a happy dad! SCRIPT: You can start to check off that list by starting with dad’s vehicle. CUT: (Bell) I would love something that relieves some of the pressure, some of the work that I’ve gotta do. So, get my car washed, maybe take it in for some scheduled maintenance or an oil change. SCRIPT: Bell says you’d be surprised what is lurking under the seats. He recommends vaccuming out the inside of your dad’s car… while removing things like old soda bottles, stale food and candy wrappers. The finishing touch… leave a card on the front seat with a Jiffy Lube gift certificate inside for future maintenance. For more, log onto GM-dot-com. That’s Zero to Sixty from GM.
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