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Green Light for Car Maintenance



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ANCHOR LEAD: Putting off a trip to the service center can end up costing you so much more money down the road. So, is there something car owners can be doing to help ensure their vehicles run smoother and longer? Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero-to-Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. The majority of automotive technicians say the number one mistake car owners make regarding vehicle maintenance is ignoring the recommended check ups. GM’s James Bell agrees and says he’s also surprised how often drivers ignore the owners manual… which holds the answers to so many of your cars inner workings. CUT: (Bell) What kind of oil should I put, when I do an oil change. What kind of air pressure should I have in the tires. Can I use regular unleaded instead of premium unleaded in my car? SCRIPT: Edmunds.com’s Bill Visnic says car maintenance should be top of mind and caring for the engine is essential… and pretty easy to do. CUT: (Visnic) Change your oil, but don’t change it too often. Find out what the correct oil change interval is and follow it. SCRIPT: Once the engine is cared for, Bell says think tires and air pressure. CUT: (Bell) Check the tires when they are cold. If they’re expanded with the heat, you’re not going to get a good reading. SCRIPT: Visnic says visibility is also key for a smooth ride. CUT: (Visnic) When you go get new wiper blades, you really should be asking how much can I spend on these… rather than how little can I spend on these. SCRIPT: For more, log onto GM-dot-com. That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM.
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