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ANCHOR LEAD: The countdown is on for many high school students… and it’s not for graduation. Brian Osuch has more on how many teens can prepare for a safe and memorable prom night. (:56) SCRIPT: Zero to Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. It’s the time of year many teens are getting ready for one of the most memorable times of their lives… prom night. And as most prom dates will be watching their table manners, GM’s James Bell says, they should also do the same when it comes to their rides. CUT: (Bell) Most teens will hopefully be watching their manners on prom night… and it should start with their cars. They can impress their prom dates by cleaning both the inside and outside of their vehicles. And it’s best to plan ahead for the night and not be late. And whether electric or gasoline, make sure you’ve got a full tank. SCRIPT: Bell says the less distractions teens have, the better. CUT: (Bell) Use OnStar to help map out the safest route to and from the prom venue. The main goal is to make sure teens keep their hands on the wheel. They could make a playlist for their iPod that lasts the duration of the trip, while setting a mood they’ll never forget. They should also make plans with their friends before heading to prom, that way they aren’t texting from behind the wheel. SCRIPT: For more information, log onto GM-dot-com. That’s Lifestyles from GM. I’m Brian Osuch
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