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Is My Car Totaled?



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ANCHOR LEAD: Many neighborhoods and homes along the east coast were under water last week after a historic rainfall. Thousands of cars were flooded, leaving many motorists wondering if their cars were salvageable or totaled. Brian Osuch has more on what a car owners first steps should be after a flood. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero-to-Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. The storm has passed and the waters may have receded, but that does not mean your vehicle is in the clear. GM’s James Bell says there are a few things to check out if your car was fully or partially submerged in flood water. CUT: (Bell) Don’t try starting your car until you have a technician perform a thorough inspection and cleaning. After all a flooded cars engine, transmission, fuel, power steering, brakes… you name it, all are very vulnerable to premature failure. SCRIPT: But, there are a few things you can do in the meantime to see if your car has sustained any damage. CUT: (Bell) Check your oil indicator, if that level is too high it could mean that there’s water left in the engine which could lead to severe damage. You should also check the instrument panel to make sure that all the gauges are working properly. SCRIPT: Bell says to figure out how long your vehicle was submerged and the type of water it was in. CUT: (Bell) The shorter the time that the cars be exposed, the greater chance that you won’t have trouble down the road. And don’t forget, that fresh water causes far less damage than salt water. SCRIPT: For more, go to GM.com. That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM. I’m Brian Osuch.
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