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Is Your Car Ready for Cold Temps?



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ANCHOR LEAD: If we’ve learned anything from recent weather conditions, it’s that we need to be prepared for dealing with cold temperatures; that includes prepping our automobiles for the winter months. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero-to-Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. There’s plenty of cold weather ahead of us over the coming months. That’s why General Motor’s James Bell says keep your vehicle’s maintenance top of mind. CUT: (Bell) Make sure you’re using the right type of oil for the season. Oil has the tendency to thicken as temperatures drop. If it’s too thick, it won’t do the best job of keeping your engine lubricated. I also want you to think about your vehicle’s battery. A battery that’s three years old or older is more likely to fail in cold weather. And using plug-in electronic devices can really strain and drain your car’s battery. SCRIPT: Bell also says it’s important to have properly inflated tires. CUT: (Bell) Traction is often jeopardized in wintry weather. The air pressure in your tires has likely dropped and can contribute to poor handling… which is the last thing you want when driving on a slick road. SCRIPT: Unimpaired vision is also important… CUT: (Bell) Worn blades streak. That’s why you should replace your windshield wipers every year. I also recommend using washer fluid with a winter formula so it won’t freeze. SCRIPT: And don’t forget to keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freeze-up. For more, log onto GM.com. That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM. I’m Brian Osuch.
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