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ANCHOR LEAD: Stuck in a traffic jam on a hot summer day is not the place you’d want your car’s engine to fail. Brian Osuch has more on what you can do to help keep your car running throughout the dog days of summer. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero to Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. (SFX: Engine Starting Up) During the summer months it’s not only important to keep your body hydrated, but it’s just as necessary to keep your car hydrated so it runs properly. GM’s James Bell. CUT: (Bell) Engines heat up pretty quickly when it’s hot outside and it becomes extra hard to keep things cool during the summer. But just like a bottle of water for you, your vehicle needs to stay lubricated. Get under the hood and make sure your oil is clean, and at the right levels. The levels should be between the maximum and the minimum on the vehicle’s dipstick. And if you need to… get that oil changed. SCRIPT: Bell says it’s important to keep your engine from overheating. CUT: (Bell) There’s more to your engine than motor oil. Check out your vehicle’s hoses. Make sure they aren’t cracked or damaged in any way. These hoses carry important coolant from the radiator to the engine block to help keep your car running properly. And also, don’t neglect other fluids for the transmission or the brakes. SCRIPT: Bell also suggests checking your owner’s manual and following its maintenance schedule. For more, log onto GM-dot-com. That’s Zero to Sixty from General Motors. I’m Brian Osuch.
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