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Looking Out For Those in Isaac's Path



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ANCHOR LEAD: It’s been seven years since the U.S. was hit with a powerful hurricane, and as the Gulf Coast preps for Isaac, Brian Osuch says there are different ways to keep your family safe and connected. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I’m Brian Osuch. As the Gulf coast prepares for severe weather, OnStars’ Crisis Incident Manager, Mary Ann Adams says GM has learned a lot since Hurricane Katrina and is prepared to help subscribers through these types of dangerous storms. CUT: (Adams) A lot of people just leave the area that’s going to be impacted, so they want routes to a hotel that they can stay at, and so we actually help them look for hotel rooms or if they need a shelter of last resort we’ll help them with that. SCRIPT: Adams says there is a common thread between all calls – people who need help, need to talk and it has to be easy. CUT: (Adams) Call us with an urgent situation and at least we can call first responders and tell them where that person is located. SCRIPT: Adams also says OnStar can help keep the lines of communication open. CUT: (Adams) If there is a power outage and you can’t use your landline phone, or you need to report a situation and your cell phone is not working, go to your vehicle and press the blue or the red button and we’ll make that connection for you. SCRIPT: For more, log onto OnStar-dot-com. That’s Newsbreak from GM.
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