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Pet-cious Cargo on Board!



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ANCHOR LEAD: The Travel Industry Association says vacation planning begins in the spring. And if your trip includes your pet… there are a few safety tips to consider. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero-to-Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. Many families will be traveling over the next couple months, and Petrendologist, Charlotte Reed says plan ahead for trips including a furry family member. CUT: (Reed) You want to start planning your summer vacation now in the spring. So, that way you have plenty of time to acclimate your dog to the car. SCRIPT: GM’s James Bell suggests using a car harness to protect both you and your dog during a road trip… and says there are other vehicle features to consider if traveling with your pet. CUT: (Bell) Have an automatic lift gate. So, when you’re tending to the dog, getting ready to take it in, up goes the gate. You gotta have a nice space for dog crates to sit. You want tether hooks to also be part of the package here, in order to hold the crate down incase you have to make any heavy braking. The dogs not going to be sliding out of the way. SCRIPT: Reed says drivers can also plan for possible distractions. CUT: (Reed) Door guards are great because they do two things. One, the dog is not scratching the door. But, the other thing is it prevents her from getting to the locks and the windows. SCRIPT: And is there a car which is Fido-friendly? CUT: (Bell) So many families are using vehicles like this GM Acadia Crossover to get themselves around. Why… because it’s smooth, it’s comfortable. It’s a nice place to be. So that makes it nice for your pets as well. SCRIPT: That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM.
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