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ANCHOR LEAD: From passenger side airbags to the latest hi-tech innovations, important safety features help give you and your family piece of mind behind the wheel. Brian Osuch has more on some of the latest technology to keep you safe. (:60) SCRIPT: Zero-to-Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. Vehicle safety features are a top concern for many consumers in the market for a new vehicle. GM’s James Bell says safety and crash competitiveness is something they take very seriously… CUT: (Bell) We are building into the bones of our vehicles the ability to mitigate the impact of a crash – to protect the passengers and the occupants as best as possible. SCRIPT: Bell says avoiding a crash in the first place is what their crash mitigation technology is all about… CUT: (Bell) First off, is something called Forward Collision Alert. This is basically an eyeball looking at the road in front of me as the driver. And if things start to change and I’m no adjusting, it will put out an alert and say – hey, you need to know something is going on out there… you need to adjust. Another one, is Rear Cross Traffic Alert. We all know how it feels to be pulling out of a spot in a parking lot – the mirrors just don’t allow you to see around that corner. And the other one I think that really is going to have a huge impact for so many families is something called Blind Spot Detection. This is basically a set of eyes on the side of the vehicle. SCRIPT: For more information, visit GM.com. That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM.
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