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ANCHOR LEAD: Whether you’re a football super-fan or just love one… the start of the season means it’s time for tailgating! Brian Osuch has more. (: 60) SCRIPT: Zero-to-Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. To some, tailgating is almost as much fun as the big game. That’s why Chief Editor of AskPatty.com – a site providing automotive advice to women, Brandy Schaffels, recommends using your vehicle to enhance the game-day experience. CUT: (Schaffels) For convenience, you can extend your barbeque space, your table space with a grill or a table that can connect into the hitch of your vehicle. It can work with a truck or an SUV and some cars that might already have a hitch installed. SCRIPT: And with this added space, Schaffels says you can really plan the perfect pre-game menu, which follows your own rules. CUT: (Schaffels) Barbeque purists will tell you that you need top have charcoal for the best barbeque. However, for the convenience and portability of tailgating, you really would like to have one with a disposable propane tank. SCRIPT: And what about the clean up? CUT: (Schaffels) Make clean up easy by bringing some disinfecting wipes so that you can clean your picnic surface and make sure there aren’t any germs of dirt leftover… clean up your barbeque guests and your barbeque so you’re not putting a greasy barbeque back in the trunk of your car. SCRIPT: And don’t forget to pack some burn gel in your first aid kit incase anyone gets too close to the heat. That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM. I’m Brian Osuch.
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