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ANCHOR LEAD: What drives you when you’re looking to buy a new car? Style? Mileage? Value? Probably all of the above. But how do you know if the car will perform like the manufacturer says it will? As Brian Osuch finds out, some car manufacturers take it to the press to see whether their cars really stack up to the claims. (:00) SCRIPT: Zero to Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. When you shop for a new car, have you ever wondered whether those manufacturers’ statistics really measure up? Well, so do the manufacturers, who invite media experts to review their new cars. James Bell is GM’s Head of Consumer Affairs. James, how does the process work? CUT: (Bell) We invite media from all over the country like AutoTrader.com and KBB.com to drive a new vehicle that’s very important to Cadillac. So the idea is to bring these journalists in, allow them to sit and talk with the engineers, the designers, the people who have their fingerprints all over the design of this vehicle. And then we turn them loose in the car, we say ok, now you know how it’s built, how does it feel? Not only around city streets, but then we also take them out to a racetrack and say have a good time. SCRIPT: What’s the latest car that’s been reviewed? CUT: (Bell) The Cadillac ATS. Over 30 miles per gallon, with a motor that is a 2-liter four cylinder engine which is a bit of a surprise from Cadillac, but we turbo charge it so it has over 270-horsepower. SCRIPT: For more, visit Cadillac-dot-com. That’s Zero to Sixty from GM. I’m Brian Osuch.
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