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This Season Is The Pits



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ANCHOR LEAD: This winter provided record amounts of snow and freezing temperatures, which have caused damage to our nation’s roadways… that means potholes. Brian Osuch has more on why it’s important to act fast if you hit a pothole while traveling. (:59) SCRIPT: Zero-to-Sixty, I’m Brian Osuch. (SFX: Clunk/Clunk) That’s the sound of pothole season. Each year, pothole damage sets motorists back by nearly five-billion-dollars. And GM’s James Bell says if you hit a pothole look for damage right away. CUT: (Bell) If you see that tire pressure light come on, you might have a problem. Also be very sensitive to the drive. Do you feel any vibration? That could be a sign of bigger problems to come. Also, a great idea to get out of the car and actually have a look at the wheel that hit the pothole. Do you see any bulging in the sidewall? Any damage to the wheel? SCRIPT: If you do hit a pothole and your vehicle doesn’t feel right, Bell recommends having a professional check it out. But, is there a way around those deep dark pits? CUT: (Bell) When you’re driving and you see standing water, avoid it. You’re not sure if that water is actually covering up a deep pothole, and give yourself some distance. If the car ahead of you had to swerve to avoid a pothole, make sure you have that same distance and opportunity to avoid it. SCRIPT: For more information, go to GM.com. That’s Zero-to-Sixty from GM. I’m Brian Osuch.
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