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Which Cars Lit Up the Silver Screen?



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ANCHOR LEAD: The Academy had their say this past Sunday… but Brian Osuch says there were some unsung heroes that should drive away with their own awards for lighting up the silver screen. (:60) SCRIPT: Entertainment Now, I'm Brian Osuch. The Oscars may have been given out, but GM's James Bell says this year… two movies deserve a golden nod for staring two big name headliners. CUT: (Bell) The first is Transformers, this is a movie that a few years ago introduced the Bumblebee Camaro, this would be one of the heroic robots in the film, out there to fight evil and it becomes a car you and I can buy as well. In fact General Motors built a special version of this car and they sold out as quickly as they were made. The other one is the movie Drive. There's a very pivotal scene where the main character is being chased. He's in a Mustang, the bad guys are in a Chrysler 300… guarantee you it's going to go down in history as one of the most iconic and white knuckle rides you'll ever see on the big screen. SCRIPT: James, can you think of a movie where a concept car made its debut? CUT: (Bell) Great example of that is also from the Transformers - two and three - with a Corvette Stingray concept. It has the essence and feel of the next generation 2014 Corvette… there are some design elements that you're definitely going to see when the next generation Corvette generation is introduced. SCRIPT: For more, log onto GM-dot-com. That's Entertainment Now from GM.
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