• 09-JAN-2012

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Cadillac ATS Reveal at NAIAS 2012 Fonted Package
Compact Cadillac Unveiled

In previous years, a luxury car was synonymous with a big car. But not anymore. Cadillac just unveiled the new ATS at the Detroit Auto Show; a compact-sized luxury car intended to challenge the world's best premium cars.

Sneak peeks of the new Cadillac ATS were spotted online before now, but only under camouflage. Now, you can have video of the car in full living color.

The dashboard will feature an innovative digital display called the CUE (Cadillac User Experience,) which allows the driver to customize what is displayed in front of them as they are driving. The CUE is designed to reduce driver distraction limiting the number of buttons on the device. The CUE has only four buttons where as other luxury vehicles have 20.