• 30-OCT-2013

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

Buying a Car Can Be a Rewarding Experience

Buying a new car is very exciting. But the process, starting with coming up with a down payment, can be a little challenging. What car to buy? When to buy? How to finance? But with a little planning and information, getting into your new vehicle CAN be a rewarding experience.

In interviews on October 29, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox and James Bell, GM's Head of Consumer Affairs will share their advice and tips on buying a new car. They will talk about why now is a particularly good time to buy a car, how to effectively save for the down payment so that you can get into your new car quicker, and the best options for financing.

They will also talk about a new survey that revealed that 60% of Americans are using credit cards with rewards points and how the new GM Rewards Card will help people to leverage their spending towards the purchase of a new car.