• 02-NOV-2012

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

First-Ever Full-Size, Driveable Hot Wheels Car Debuts At the World's Greatest Automotive Show

The dream of millions of Hot Wheels fans is coming to life, when a full-size, production Hot Wheels edition Camaro will arrive at Chevrolet dealerships next spring. It is the first time Hot Wheels has offered a full-size, production car available for purchase. Blister packaging and orange race track not included!

The limited-edition Camaro Hot Wheels Edition arrives at Chevrolet dealerships early next year and will come in the coupe and convertible models. The Hot Wheels Edition Camaro debuted on Tuesday, 10/30 at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association. Get the first glimpse of the car from the SEMA show floor.

James Bell, Chevrolet Spokesperson, and Felix Holst, Head of Design for Mattel Wheels, share the top trends out of SEMA – the world's largest show for car customization – from evergreen air fresheners to 20-inch wheels to 700-hp engines.

Available content includes soundbites from James Bell and Felix Holst, and B-roll.