• 02-APR-2014

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

Getting Up To Speed on Chevy's Power and Performance

In a spine tingling demonstration of Chevy's trio of performance vehicles, James Bell gets behind the wheel again. This time with perfect driving music and Southern California hairpin curves as the backdrop.

First on his list, the Camaro ZL1over-delivering on performance, style and grace.  The Camaro line is available starting with the v6 and over 300 hp which is more performance than most people need.  You can then begin to ramp up without huge cost bumps to the SS with over 400 hp to the 1LE - which is a racecar but available for the road - then of course to the monster ZL1 guaranteed to draw a crowd on the racetrack or in your driveway.

Next the Chevrolet SS.  With a familiar look brought into the future of Chevy style and performance, the Chevrolet SS is made in the same spirit as the BMW M5 but is much more affordable.  This car is comfortable smoking tires on the straightaway or taking hairpin mountain curves which James is happy to demonstrate while his camera man struggles to steady the shot against fluctuating g forces.

Driving the party and pushing technology to the limit - the no compromise Corvette Stingray is already selling too fast to even hit the showroom and is now available as a convertible. Still boasting the epic 464 hp powerplant, 26 mpg and 50/50 weight distribution, it's just, incredibly, even more exciting!Watch James, overcome his fear of drawing public attention by lowering the convertible top while in motion. The grin that crosses his face when the sky pours into the Stingray tells the whole story.


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