• 02-MAR-2013

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

GM Top 10 Maintenance Mistakes

A new survey from CarMD.com asked technicians with more than 840 combined years of experience repairing cars, to reveal the top 10 maintenance mistakes car owners make with their vehicles.

Topping the list, was putting off recommended/scheduled maintenance checks. Number three was not changing your oil, which was listed as by far the single most damaging thing that customers can do. Dirty oil ruins today's high-tech engines – and by not cleaning the oil, camshaft actuators can freeze and in turn cause the "check engine" light to come on, resulting in complete engine failure if ignored too long.

According to Bill Visnic and James Bell, ignoring the "check engine" light is just one example of how putting off repairs on a small problem can quickly escalate to an expensive repair. For instance, an oil and filter change averages about $30, two to four times a year depending on how much you drive. A new engine will set you back as much as $5,000 or more – that's 167 oil changes! Available for interviews, they can share more information on the entire list, and also give their own advice on what you can do to avoid a costly mistake.