• 10-JUN-2013

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

How Much Car Can You Afford?

Kelley Blue Book's Senior Market Analyst and GM's Head of Consumer Affairs Share Car Buying Advice for Dads and Grads

Perhaps the only thing better than buying your kid a car for graduation is the fact that they won't be borrowing yours anymore! Or you could be one of "those" parents, give the graduate your car and buy yourself a brand new one!

Either way, Kelley Blue Book's Senior Market Analyst Alec Gutierrez recommends that consumers take the time to calculate how much car they can really afford before making any purchase. But being budget conscious doesn't mean running out and buying the cheapest car on the lot. Head of Consumer Affairs for GM James Bell says there are many choices; cars that are highly affordable as wells as cars that offer tremendous value and feature upgrades that are surprisingly inexpensive and add utility, comfort and long-term value.

Available content includes soundbites from James Bell and Alec Gutierrez, and B-roll.