• 24-AUG-2012

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

Handling Extreme Weather When You're Traveling

Tropical Storm Isaac heads for Gulf Coast as Thousands Of Delegates and Vacationers Descend on the Gulf

While tens of thousands gathered for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, tens of thousands more were vacationing on the last week of Summer, along the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida as "Isaac" beared down. OnStar and General Motors have tips on how to handle the weather while driving. – with a focus on what do to when you're impacted by a storm while travelling!

Mary Ann Adams, Crisis Incident Manager for OnStar, and James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs for General Motors give their seasoned advice on everything from how to prepare to drive in severe weather, items and information you should keep with you at all times, where to go for advice/instructions on potential evacuations and more from OnStar's National Command Center where their incident management team monitors real-time severe weather and crisis activity from around the country.

Available content includes soundbites from Mary Ann Adams and James Bell, and B-roll.


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