• 20-JUN-2014

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

It's a Hot Summer for SUVs!

Sales of SUV's Are On The Rise With Consumers Seeking Comfort, Safety & Technology

In the 90's SUVs were a big (really big) status symbol. But then with the recession and gas prices, status gave way to sensible.

But SUVs are back and demand for them is on the rise. However today's consumer is looking for function over form and according to Stephanie Brinley, Automotive Analyst at IHS "people who buy large SUV's now actually buy them for the capabilities that they can give them."

For families, especially those getting ready for summer road trips, large SUVs are an ideal vehicle. Besides the latest safety features such as the Forward Collision Alert and Blind Spot Detection System, SUVs like the new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe now deliver comfort and convenience and, let's face it, whether you want it or not, just a little status!