• 02-FEB-2012

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

Kicking the 3,000 Mile Habit: Spend Half as Much Time & Money Getting Your Oil Changed

Wouldn't it be nice to save roughly $360 per year? Well, if you start changing your oil based on your car's behavior instead of mileage, you can. According to Edmunds.com, Americans waste approximately $1,850 over the course of a car's life by changing the oil prematurely. In fact, automakers have lengthened recommended intervals in recent years, citing improved oil chemistry and engine technology as the reason for changing your oil less. With improved engine and oil quality, 3,000 miles has become the minimum in many cases. In fact, most manufacturers are recommending, five, seven, even 15,000 miles between changes in newer cars.

To help sort out fact from fiction when it comes to car maintenance, Automotive Expert, James Bell, talks about common myths and misconceptions when it comes to changing your oil. James also shows what oil looks like after it's been used for 3,000 miles and what motor oil looks like when it's time for a change.

Available content includes soundbites from James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs, General Motors, and B-roll.


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