• 14-JUN-2012

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

Never Leave Your Child Alone in the Car: Parents Urged to Take Heat Stroke Seriously Before it's too Late

Sometimes a parent is bogged down with so many tasks, they forget the simple things like forgetting to take their child out of the back seat when they are in a rush. In fact, more than 30 children died in 2011 as a result of hyperthermia (or heat stroke.) According to data from The Department of Geosciences Of San Francisco State University, 527 children died after being left alone in a sweltering car since 1998.

In reality, many parents are legitimately unaware of how dangerous a car can become for a small child in just a few minutes. On a 75 degree day, the interior of a vehicle can reach over 100 degrees in about a half hour. Studies show that the interior temperature will continue to increase about 45 degrees every hour.

To prevent tragedies from happening again, child safety engineers at General Motors are working with Safe Kids to provide tips for parents ahead of summer to avoid any unnecessary deaths as a result of hyperthermia.

Available content includes soundbites from James Bell (Head of Consumer Affairs, General Motors) and Kate Carr (President and CEO, Safe Kids Worldwide), and B-roll.


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