• 22-NOV-2013

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

Tips for Keeping Your Car From Being Stolen

Every year, especially during the colder months, tens of thousands of cars are stolen and only about 52% are recovered. The good news is anti-theft technology in newer cars has drastically cut down on traditional methods of stealing cars, such as hotwiring. However, that means thieves will be looking for new ways to get their hands on your car.

In this video, George Baker from OnStar offers several tips on how to keep your car from being stolen. According to Baker you should always lock your car with its key fob to engage the anti-theft technology and prevent the car from being hotwired. Also, never leave your keys in an obvious place around your house, like a hook on a wall.

Baker also talks about the types of theft deterrent services available to subscribers including Remote Ignition Block, which sends a remote signal to the stolen vehicle preventing it from being restarted and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown technology that can help police slow a stolen vehicle while in motion avoiding a deadly high-speed chase.