• 25-OCT-2013

  • SOURCE: General Motors - Global

You Don't Have to Downgrade to Downsize

Want more car for your money? Mid-size family sedans like the Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and the Chevrolet Malibu are in one of the most competitive segments in the business. Great news for car shoppers these days.

According to Michelle Krebs from Edmunds.com the mid-sized car segment is one of the most important segments in the US auto industry. "What we're seeing is a lot of these things that we've seen in luxury cars are moving into mid-sized cars… the infotainment systems, the new technologies, fuel economy technologies."

One of those sophisticated fuel saving technologies, available on the just released 2014 Malibu, is called stop/start – which shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop, and restarts it when the driver takes his foot off the brake. Helping in part to improve mileage by 14% in the city.

The new Malibu also features integration to Apple's intelligent assistant, Siri, as well as a text-to-voice feature, which 'reads' text messages over the audio system and allows drivers to keep in contact while being safe behind the wheel.