• 23-JUN-2015


IBM and Bon Appetit Serve up Chef Watson for All

On June 23, IBM and Bon Appetit announced that the Chef Watson with Bon Appetit web app was being made open to anyone interested in expanding his or her imagination in the kitchen.

Created through a collaboration with Bon Appétit, the web app inspires home cooks everywhere to discover unexpected flavor combinations to address everyday mealtime challenges in creative ways and bring new ideas to the kitchen. Aimed at adventurous cooks, the free Watson-powered app includes knowledge gained from training Watson to understand 10,000 recipes from the Bon Appétit database, in addition to how ingredients are used in different dishes and cooking styles. IBM has combined this information with what the system knows about food chemistry and human taste preferences, and has also integrated feedback shared by users who participated in the beta during the last year.

Chef Watson has helped shape the public perception of the potential for cognitive computing. From helping scientists discover promising treatment pathways to fight diseases or helping law experts discover connections between cases, the app is just one more example of how cognitive computing systems can help people make new discoveries.