• 16-JUL-2014


IBM Research

In November 2013, IBM and His Excellency, the President of Kenya, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, officially opened the first commercial technology research facility in Africa. IBM's 12th global research lab - supported by the Kenyan ICT Authority - and located at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, will conduct applied and far-reaching exploratory research into the grand challenges of the African continent by delivering commercially-viable innovations that impact people's lives.The 2000m2 facility features one of Africa's most powerful, cloud-enabled computing hubs giving IBM researchers the ability to analyse and draw insight from vast amounts of data in the search for solutions to Africa's most pressing challenges such as energy, water, transportation, agriculture, healthcare, financial inclusion and public safety.

Through the 10-year, $100M Project Lucy initiative, Watson technologies will be deployed from IBM's new Africa Research laboratory providing researchers with a powerful set of resources to help develop commercially-viable solutions. Partners, startups and clients will be able to tap into cloud-delivered cognitive intelligence that will be invaluable for solving the continent's most pressing challenges and creating new business opportunities. This b-roll footage provides a glimpse inside IBM's newest lab and can be used by media agencies putting together their own features.