• 27-JUN-2014


Project Lucy

In February 2014, IBM launched Project Lucy: a 10-year, $100M initiative to bring Watson cognitive technologies to Africa.IBM's Watson represents a new era of computing in which systems are not programmed, but improve by learning so they can discover answers to complex questions and uncover insights by analyzing massive amounts of Big Data. IBM believes that over the next 10 years, big data analytics and cognitive computing have the potential to transform the economies and societies of Africa - providing breakthroughs of similar magnitude to the discovery of Lucy: the remains of one of the earliest known human ancestors discovered in Ethiopia's Rift Valley in 1974.
IBM Research - Africa Chief Scientist, Uyi Stewart explains the vision and potential of Project Lucy against a backdrop of images from IBM's 'The World is Our Lab' picture project which asked people from across Africa to illustrate the continent's challenges and opportunities in photos: www.theworldisourlabafrica.com