B-Roll: Windmill Solar HYREF



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00:00-00:40 windmills 00:40-1:15 solar panels 01:16-01:19 view of factory/windmills/panels 01:20-01:23 windmills (from a distance) 01:24-01:46 solar panels 01:47-01:49 street road 01:50-02:08 windmills 02:09-02:23 small homes and buildings 02:24-02:40 windmills (from a distance) 02:41-02:45 street road with cars 02:46-02:52 windmills/car passing by 02:53-02:57 moving flag with windmill in background 02:58-03:09 windmills 03:10-03:13 solar panels 03:14-03:20 billboard sign 03:21-03:25 road/tractor trailer in motion 03:26-03:34 windmills 03:35-03:42 tree in motion/windmill in background 03:43-03:57 windmills 03:58-04:01 looking at ground up to the windmill 04:02-04:12 windmills 04:13-04:25 in motion on the road passing tractor trailers/ brick wall/cars/ windmills in the background 04:26-04:35 on the road (still) windmills in the distance/ billboard 04:36-04:43 solar panels 04:44-04:53 solar panels/ homes in the distance 04:54-05:01 solar panels/ windmills and homes in the background /in motion 05:02-05:11 solar panels 05:12-05:18 crowds of people going forward (city) 05:19-05:28 moving cars front and back (city) 05:29-05:33 police officer 05:34-05:51 three TV screens (close ups of each) 05:52-06:07 man pointing at screen 06:08-06:33 screen shots angles
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