B-roll for online holiday shopping from IBM



This video contains b-roll footage of IBM executives discussing online shopping and technology trends for the holidays as well as stock footage of holiday shoppers at malls and other holiday shopping scenes. IBM's Jill Puleri (Global Retail Leader) and Jay Henderson (Director, Smarter Commerce) are interviewed.
00:00-00:33 Jay Henderson, Director of Strategy, IBM Commerce Sound bytes 00:34-01:40 Jill Puleri, IBM Global Retail Consulting Leader Sound bytes 01:40-01:45 New York City, large Christmas Tree lit at night with skating rink in foreground 01:46-01:49 Shoulder-down view of girl on New York street with Abercrombie shopping bag 01:49-01:52 Zoom in on shopper with Nike shopping bag in crosswalk 01:52-02:01 Patrons in line exterior of FAO Schwarz store 02:01-02:08 Wide shot view of shoppers walking around the top of escalator at shopping mall with Christmas decorations in background 02:08-02:14 Close Up view of shopper at shoe store using smartphone to comparison shop. 02:15-02:20 Low-angle view of shopping center with Christmas tree ornaments in focus in foreground 02:21-02:26 Slow zoom on red sale sign in store window with shoppers walking around in reflection 02:26-02:32 Woman at shopping store counter giving cashier credit card to swipe 02:33-02:46 Low, multi-story view of shoppers in shopping mall entering escalator with subtle holiday decorations in background 02:46-03:01 Slow zoom out time-lapse at streetlight level of shopping center parking lot at night lit heavily with Christmas decorations 03:01-03:16 High angle view of shoppers in shopping store with Christmas decorations 03:16-03:23 Dynamic counter-clockwise pass time-lapse through colorful shopping mall consisting of four angles, high courtyard, low courtyard, 2nd level of shopping mall, 5th level of shopping mall view of escalator 03:23-03:31 Front door view of shoppers rushing to enter Macy's during Black Friday sale 03:32-03:44 Low angle view of shoppers entering and exiting and shopping in clothing store in shopping mall 03:44-03:50 Close up view of electronic tablet of index finger pressing various forms of "BUY" button on nondescript websites 03:51-04:03 Slow pan down of Rockefeller Center ending on Christmas tree and other decorations with people milling about 04:03-04:09 Head level view of busy New York City street with Gap and Rolex logos visible
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