Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center B-roll



Shoot Date

21 Dec 2011

Shoot Location

New York, United States

Production Company

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

00:00 to 00:03 Doctor in examining room with two older patients 00:03 to 00:05 Xray tech helping female patient in MRI 00:05 to 00:08 Older male doctor conferring with younger Asian female doctor 00:08 to 00:09 Female in laboratory 00:09 to 00:10 Two doctors examining xray 00:10 to 00:12 Still of female nurse helping female patient with IV therapy 00:12 to 00:14 Female doctor talking with female patient in examining room 00:14 to 00:17 Two stills of female doctors talking with patients 00:17 to 00:23 Two male doctors looking at and conferring over MRI images 00:23 to 00:31 Laboratory setting and pharmacy setting 00:31 to 00:33 Still image of operating theater 00:33 to 00:38 Stills of diagnostic images (xray and electronic chart) 00:38 to 00:44 Two stills showing doctors conferring with patients 00:44 to 00:48 Waiting room 00:48 to 00:53 Still image of exterior entrance of Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital 00:53 to 01:02 Check in area / lobby of Memorial Sloan Kettering 01:02 to 01:08 Still of one male doctor & one female doctor looking at xray 01:08 to 01:10 Exterior of Commack facility 01:10 to 01:12 Exterior of Rockville Center 01:12 to 01:15 Interior of Sleepy Hollow 01:15 to 01:17 Exterior of Basking Ridge 01:17 to 01:22 Still images of acupuncture 01:22 to 01:24 Still image of workout class with senior citizens 01:24 to 01:28 Still of two female doctors consulting with a senior patient 01:28 to 01:32 Two stills of laboratories 01:32 to 01:33 Still of Dr. Larry Norton 01:33 to 01:36 Laboratory workers 01:36 to 01:38 Two doctors pointing at MRI images 01:38 to 01:42 Female xray technician talking with female patient in open MRI
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