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ANCHOR LEAD: Social media is helping change the way people travel around the world. Brian Osuch finds out it's time to leave those "old-fashioned" travel guides behind, and plan your next trip a new way. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. When you're planning your next trip, look no further than social media, because DoubleTree by Hilton has partnered with Google on a new social media driven, first of its kind YouTube channel for the hotel industry called DTour, that's D-T-O-U-R. Julia Dimon is a TV host and Travel Journalist. Julia, tell us about the channel. CUT: (Dimon) It amalgamates all types of tips and photos and videos across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So travelers can go, they can post their photos, they can post their videos, and share what they have discovered on their journeys with other travelers in the community. SCRIPT: Dimon says social media is also a great tool to save money. CUT: (Dimon) You're going to find promo codes, specials and discounts that you wouldn't find elsewhere. So Hilton for example, has a great summer promotion called Great Getaways. SCRIPT: For more, visit Double-Tree-dot-com-slash-D-Tour and HiltonWeekends.com. That's Lifestyles for DoubleTree by Hilton. I'm Brian Osuch.
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