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electronica 2016 – Trend Index 2020 Event Berlin – Roughcut



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1. General Shots Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft Berlin 00:00 2. Interview Klaus Dittrich, CEO and Chairman Messe München “Digitalization is going to revolutionize all aspects of life. Electronic components are becoming smaller and yet even more powerful. Take a look at the mobile phone, e.g. 10 years ago it was only a telephone. It has turned into a multimedia device, enabling us to get in touch with each other, getting information, and sending all kinds of files. The trade fair electronica is the place where not only innovations in the components of these electronic systems are presented but where we get a glimpse of the future. Be it the automotive sector, the health sector, the communication sector and in many other sectors.” 01:30 3. “All global players exhibit at electronica and the visitors come from all over the world. That is why the trade show is so successful. That electronica could maintain this success is due to the fact that it has been permanently and consequently developed further and was adapted to new trends. Thus it has always been up to date. 00:36 4. Interview Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Haid, Electrical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt “We are right at the beginning of digitalization and the internet of things. We are taking the first steps in making devices and production facilities smart. But there are huge potentials in making also our business models smarter by harvesting big data.” 01:51 5. “Security plays a major role. The more intelligent and connected participants are in the internet of things the more security plays a very large role. I expect the intelligent participants in the future are also as intelligent and notice hacker attacks. Take a power plant for example, being hacked, that’s one of the major fears. A smart system would recognize that e.g. this is the time when I deliver electricity and all of my sensor data are okay, so there is no need to trust a shut down command which could be a hacker attack. The power plant would consequently contact the human supervisor before shutting down.” 02:13 6. I think at electronica many participants are involved with digitalization and show respective products, components and sensors. This helps to develop intelligent products and systems of the future. Thus, it’s a good platform to exchange information and together create solutions for the future. 03:01 7. END 05:57
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