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There Are No Early Warning Signs for Prostate Cancer



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ANCHOR LEAD: One out of six American men will have prostate cancer in their lifetime; and with early detection, the disease is almost always curable. Despite evidence for the use of PSA testing, conflicting guidelines are circulating. It's Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to remind men to talk to their physician. Brian Osuch has more. (: 60) SCRIPT: Health Care Now, I'm Brian Osuch. After evaluating recent statements from several international health organizations, LUGPA, representing more than two thousand urologists nationwide, says the only way to detect prostate cancer early is to look for it … and that means having a PSA test. LUGPA's Dr. Deepak Kapoor. CUT: (Kapoor) Prostate cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death in men. When you go ahead a look back at the time period before routine prostate cancer screening, the ten-year survival for prostate cancer was fifty-three-percent. Now, the ten-year survival for prostate cancer approaches ninety-nine percent. SCRIPT: Dr. Kapoor says men in their forties should be talking to their doctors about getting a baseline PSA. CUT: (Kapoor) A PSA test is not a biopsy. It is not a commitment to have a biopsy. It is simply a tool that gives a man the ability to make an empowered, informed decision about their own health care. SCRIPT: The doctor adds PSA testing should be part of a comprehensive approach for early detection of prostate cancer. That's Health Care Now from LUGPA.
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